PAR TEE Drinks Announces Launch of It's Newest RTD.....Bloody Mary!!!


Don't forget these...


Par Tee "Faderade" is a super-delicious and hydrating lemon/lime beverage made with 100% pure, 6 times craft distilled gluten free vodka. It is made with premium ingredients and can be enjoyed on the course, by the pool or at the beach.

 Packaging: 12oz (355mL) cans. Sold in 4 Packs

 Serving Size: 6oz - 2 per Container

 Proof:  11.8 proof/5.9% percent alcohol by volume

Ingredients: Purified Water, All Natural Lemonade/Limeade, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Electrolytes, Cane Sugar and 6X Distilled Corn Based Vodka (gluten free).

Best Served: Chilled, Straight Up or On the Rocks

Local Delivery Options

John Daly

I love all of the PAR TEE RTDs...especially the Half & Half!!!

- John Daly
Bruce R.

Nothing beats a PAR TEE at the turn!

- Bruce R.
Jim C.

PAR TEE took 5 strokes off my score and I won $20!

- Jim C.
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